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Personal Statement Deakin

Think of a personal statement like a job application cover letter. It should outline your motivation towards studying, your previous education and employment history, and how this course can assist your career aspirations or progression.

  • Your personal statement must be written by you and reflect your personal views. It should contain: An outline of why you want to study at Deakin University. An overview of any extracurricular activities and work experience (paid or voluntary) you have undertaken. Why you think you would make an outstanding ambassador for Deakin University.

  • Hey, I'm writing up a personal statement for an application straight through to Deakin University, in order to apply for a Bachelor of Teaching (secondary)/ Bachelor of Arts. I am also apply for the Access and Equity, so in my personal statement I have to detail all the setbacks that affected my ATAR – which is quite a lot.

  • You’ll have the opportunity to strengthen your application with a personal statement, which is a bit like a cover letter for your course application. It outlines your motivations for studying, your previous education and employment history, and how the course can take your career forward.

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