Wolf Titan is a small family startup so we don't have many overheads which help keep production costs low meaning we can provide premium products at lower prices than our competitors. We don't spend hundreds, or thousands on fancy marketing and promotion campaigns but rely on recommendations, word of mouth, and the power of social media to get our word out. It may be slow but the quality of our products speaks for itself.


Here at Wolf Titan, we're not just a clothing brand but also here to promote and improve fitness and wellbeing within our community by sharing hints and tips, stories, and our own fitness and health experiences. We’re currently in unchartered waters with the whole global Covid-19 pandemic and some people just can’t make it to their local gyms, or just out and about as frequently as . The community is here to help by doing what we can to support fitness and wellbeing in any environment including your home. This community is our focus, and we want every member to feel valued and get as much as they can from what the group can share. We also want to be recognised and that’s why we have a supporting branded clothing line for sports and yoga apparel.

At Wolf Titan, we aim to provide comfortable and durable sports apparel for both men and women at the best possible prices. These include comfortable sweat-wicking and 4-way stretch yoga/gym leggings, comfortable and durable training tops for both men and women. We also offer excellent over wear such as cropped workout hoodies, oversized sweaters and hooded sweaters, for both men and women, the list goes on and on.

We're not interested in inflating our prices and then applying huge discounts, we aim to provide a consistent, and competitive price across our brand range, all the time.

​We source our products from many different suppliers, striving to find the best supplier for each type of garment considering sustainability and how ethical the supplier is in the manufacturing process of the production of each item.

All our products are branded with the Wolf Titan name or logo, so please wear it with pride. You’re not strengthening yourself but the whole Wolf Titan Community.